terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2009

Let´s talk about music today

I remember when I was a younger, precisely a teenager and I used to stay by the side of my brother watching Iron Maiden and ACDC´s DVD he borrowed from his friends. But the funniest is that I was there criticizing him for listening to that kind of song, but I was there, sometimes admiring and sometimes telling him how could him listen to that kind of songs.

Today my brother has just changed his taste for songs so drasticly that I don´t see that guy who used to listen to heavy metal and rock´n roll. But now I like that kind of song and in a very unremarkable and discreet way he helped me to enjoy Iron Maiden and ACDC.

It´s funny because by the time I was a teenager I underdtood that those bands like being boy´s band only and I couldn´t tell the world that I realy liked them. So today I can scream out to the world that Iron Maiden and ACDC are my favourites bands ever. And I´m proud that today with 35 y/o I really like to listen to that kind of songs.

Hugs, Jaque

PS - The pictures I´ve posted here has nothing to do with the main topic but these were the only one I have to post.

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